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1710 Percussion

1710 Percussion is a Maryland-based company that creates custom drums all types of drummers. 1710 was voted one of the top custom drum companies by fans in the annual DRUM! Magazine readers poll..."The Drummies" for three consecutive years. 

Started in 2012, 1710 Percussion began as a hobby of building personal snare drums and refurbishing kits and then quickly turned into a business that focuses on bringing a detailed artistic approach to other drum enthusiasts. Today, the craftsmen at 1710 Percussion use a combination of domestic and exotic woods coupled with high-quality hardware to provide a sound, style, and design that meets each client’s specifications. 

1710 Percussion builds stave snare drums and creates custom full kits. In the few short years since its founding, 1710 Percussion has gained the attention of such notable drummers as Alessia Mattalia (drummer for Jeff Beck’s Grammy Award winning track, HAMMERHEAD) and Ben “Benzel Baltimore” Cowan of George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic (and 2014 Modern Drummer Readers Poll nominee).  

1710 Percussion’s focus is not limited to creating drums tailored to their clients; charity is an equally important part of the company culture. 1710 has designed and auctioned drums to raise money for military families, cancer and ALS research, and to support local high school music departments. Most recently, 1710 partnered with Warrior Music Foundation which provides free music therapy to Wounded Warriors and their families.

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